Barcelona: A Colorful Blend for Your Eyes Only


Barcelona is the capital of Catalonia in Spain and one of the most prestigious destinations in the world, with rich cultural heritage and distinctive architecture. Home to the legendary Barcelona FC and the emblematic Camp Nou, Sagrada Familia and many other buildings of the inspired architect Gaudi, Barcelona is definitely a wonderful European metropolis attracting travelers from all over the world.

Top Things to Do in Barcelona

When you visit Barcelona, you will be fascinated by its futuristic architecture. The most notable architect that has actually reformed Barcelona was in fact Antoni Gaudi. Besides La Sagrada Familia, there are many other impressive modern buildings such as Casa Milà and Park Güell. If you choose to take the tour to Gaudi’s most wonderful landmarks, you can gather information about his life and work.

La Rambla is a central street of Barcelona, a picturesque promenade connecting the emblematic Plaça de Catalunya with Port Vell. And since Pablo Picasso was born in Barcelona and left his mark all around, Museu Picasso is an excellent place to visit. Aquarium and Barcelona Zoo will satisfy those who love wildlife and modern facilities, whereas there are also many other art galleries and museums in the heart of the city.

Of course, Barcelona is also famous for the multiple shopping options. Especially if you visit the city during sales, you will be able to enjoy great bargains from all the well-established brands of Spain. And in between shopping, you are welcome to have a taste of the traditional Paella dish. A mouth-watering gastronomic wonder, which is typically made using rice and a mixture of sausage, chicken and shrimp! Accompany the dish with a glass of chilled wine from the local vineyards and you will be delighted!

How to Reach Barcelona

The most convenient way to reach Barcelona is through its City Airport. The airport serves a plethora of international carriers, facilitating your transportation. From the airport, you can use the metro underground or the train. There are also buses and affordable taxi services connecting you to the rest of the city.

Book your flight to Barcelona and indulge in a magical journey to one of the finest cities in Europe. You will be lost for words, thanks to Barcelona’s unique refinement and special lifestyle. Every neighborhood holds well-hidden secrets, waiting for you to reveal them. And you will unveil the mysteries of Barcelona, strolling leisurely and enjoying the majestic atmosphere.